KODAK IMAGECARE Program Sign-up Agreement

Catalog Number: 837 8911

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The KODAK IMAGECARE Program is designed to assist motion picture laboratories in understanding the practices required to provide reliable and consistent processing. Based on the principle of self-assessment, the Program's ultimate goal is to give filmmakers the confidence to process their film in any laboratory that has achieved the Program standards.

The IMAGECARE Program sign-up agreement enables laboratories to receive the consulting and support necessary to facilitate the achievement of IMAGECARE Program standards.


  • comprehensive initial on-site KODAK IMAGECARE Program audit to identify areas that need improvement to meet IMAGECARE Program standards
  • IMAGECARE Program Operations manual, which outlines Program standards; provides a template for laboratory documentation; and contains self-assessment sheets
  • training in the Program criteria and standards
  • ongoing consultation for the laboratory as they work towards IMAGECARE Program accreditation
  • advice on and support for laboratory IMAGECARE Program self-assessments
  • training in selected aspects of laboratory operation as outlined in the Program Operations manual
  • final on-site IMAGECARE Program assessment for determining laboratory membership, with written report covering all areas of performance and further opportunities for improvement
  • use of KODAK IMAGECARE Program logo and promotional materials upon accreditation
  • 12 months of IMAGECARE Program Annual Services from date of accreditation

Kodak Deliverables

Kodak will conduct a comprehensive laboratory site audit to identify the work required by the laboratory to gain IMAGECARE Program membership. Following the initial IMAGECARE Program assessment there is ongoing technical support and training to assist the laboratory in the areas to be addressed. Once a laboratory believes their operations meet IMAGECARE Program standards, Kodak will conduct a thorough site audit to assess compliance and award accreditation. If successful the laboratory receives 12 months of IMAGECARE Program Annual Services at no charge.

Ordering Information

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