KODAK IMAGECARE Program - First/Single Phase


Description Short Description Catalog-SKU Min Order Qty Net Unit Price Qty List Price
KODAK IMAGECARE Program Sign-on Fee - First/Single Phase Sign-on Fee - First/Single Phase 8378911 1 1 +- 7500.00
KODAK IMAGECARE Program Annual Service Fee - First/Single Phase Annual Service Fee - First/Single Phase 1745298 1 1 +- 1750.00

KODAK IMAGECARE Annual Service Agreement

Assists your motion picture processing laboratory in maintaining IMAGECAREProgram standards and promote your program membership. For the duration ofannual service agreement, Kodak provides:

• Quarterly self-assessments to help maintain conformance to program standards

• Identification of areas not meeting IMAGECARE Program standards

• Access to IMAGECARE Program Quality Control Software

• Worldwide IMAGECARE Program marketing and promotional support

KODAK IMAGECARE Program Sign-up Agreement

Assists motion picture laboratories in understanding practices required to providereliable and consistent processing. Based on the principle of self-assessment, theprogram’s ultimate goal is to give filmmakers the confidence to process their filmin any laboratory that has achieved the Program standards.The IMAGECARE Program sign-up agreement gives laboratories the consultingand support to achieve Program standards. Kodak conducts a comprehensivelaboratory site audit. Following initial assessment, there is ongoing technicalsupport and training to assist laboratory. Once lab believes operations meetIMAGECARE Program standards, Kodak conducts a thorough site audit to assesscompliance and award accreditation.


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