The Suffragette Creative Team Votes for Film

Published on website: October 02, 2015
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Violet Miller (Anne-Marie Duff) and Maud Watts (Carey Mulligan) campaign for women’s voting rights in director Sarah Gavron’s SUFFRAGETTE, a Focus Features release

Suffragette is a powerful drama that explores the trials and tribulations of achieving equality among the sexes in the UK in 1912. The movie follows Maude Watts, a working class wife and mother, as she claims her dignity amongst other brave women by continuing to risk their lives in order to ensure that women’s rights are recognized and respected.

The film recalls the events surrounding the Women’s Social and Political Union’s (WSPU) grassroots efforts. In order to portray 1912-1913 in a modern context for today’s audiences, director of photography Eduard Grau, AEC shot the feature on Super 16 mm, using four handheld cameras at a time.

Exploring Pan's Labyrinth with Guillermo Navarro

Published on website: September 30, 2015
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Actor Ivana Baquero in a scene from "Pan's Labyrinth," shot by cinematographer Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC. Photo by TERESA ISASI. © 2006 Picturehouse.

Pan’s Labyrinth takes the audience on a journey with an 11-year-old girl who travels between the grim realities of a brutal civil war in Spain and an alternate fairytale universe. As the story evolves, the boundary between reality and the warm dreamworld becomes hazy. The audience discovers through the eyes of the girl that there are good and evil beings, and moral choices to make in both worlds.

The film is the fourth of five collaborations for Guillermo del Toro and Guillermo Navarro, ASC, AMC, dating back to Cronos in 1993. The concept and script are products of del Toro’s fertile imagination. He directed the Spanish language (with English subtitles) film and collaborated with Navarro in the creation of a unique visual language. The cinematographer then rendered images onto film like an artist dabbing paint on a canvas.

Restoring Ken Burns’ The Civil War for 25th Anniversary

Published on website: September 22, 2015
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The Civil War, the award-winning documentary from Ken Burns, premiered on PBS in September of 1990 and set a record for the highest-rated PBS series broadcast with an audience of nearly 40 million. The record still stands today. Now on its 25th anniversary, a newly restored high-definition version of the epic film can be seen on PBS and will be released on DVD/Blu-ray on October 13.

“I’m beyond excited,” said Burns. “For the first time, viewers will see what I saw when I looked through the lens of my camera. It is truly remarkable.”

Toronto Film Festival Heats Up the Awards Season

Published on website: September 09, 2015
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Scene from Mississippi Grind (Photo: Electric City Entertainment)

The 40th Annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) opens this week in Canada. TIFF, one of the world’s most-renowned public film festivals, is considered by many to be a starting line for the race to Oscar®. TIFF moviegoers can choose from nearly 400 films from 70-plus countries. And, being such huge movie fans here at Kodak, we are proud to once again have a strong presence at TIFF.

Here, we shine a spotlight on some the outstanding stories being told at TIFF this year:

Meet the 2015 KODAK Scholarship Winners

Published on website: September 02, 2015
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of Max Bessmertny of Tisch Asia in Singapore (KODAK Student Scholarship Program, Gold Award) and Nicolas Aguilar of Chapman University (KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award, First Place)

Keeping the future in focus, Kodak and the University Film and Video Foundation (UFVF) have announced the 2015 winners of the KODAK Scholarship Program. The awards are one of many programs from Kodak designed to strengthen the knowledge and learning experience of the next generation of filmmakers. For nearly 25 years now, Kodak has helped emerging filmmakers and the institutions teaching these up-and-coming artists.  

This year’s top awards were presented to Max Bessmertny of Tisch Asia in Singapore (KODAK Student Scholarship Program, Gold Award), and Nicolas Aguilar of Chapman University (KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award, First Place). A panel of judges, led by renowned cinematographer John Bailey, ASC, based their selection on a combination of past work, faculty recommendations, and academic achievement.