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Meet the Winners of the 2013 KODAK Student Scholarship Program

Published on website: September 18, 2013
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Scene from Mr. Sabas

Carlos Eduardo Correa Reynoso, the Gold level winner of the 2013 KODAK Student Scholarship Award and Max Preiss, winner of the KODAK Student Cinematography Award, were selected by a panel of judges led by award-winning cinematographer John Bailey, ASC. Their entries were judged on a combination of past work, faculty recommendations and academic achievement.

Carlos Eduardo Correa Reynoso

Following is a look at their winning submissions:

Watch the Come and Play Trailer on Vimeo

Skylab is Falling

Published on website: September 13, 2013
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Karthik Muthukumar on the set of Sklylab is Falling

Filmmaker Karthik Muthukumar recently won best student cinematography at India's National Student Film Awards for his film SKYLAB IS FALLING. Here's what Muthukumar told InCamera:

Tell us the one thing about yourself connected to the craft of filmmaking I think filmmaking is a process of discovering oneself. It helped me to know the world better. It changed the way I see the world. It opened up wide space and it gave me the insight to think beyond what I am. It is also a never-ending process with no rules and limitation; you can play the game in n-number of ways. I think now that I am addicted to it so I want to pursue it all through my life and I also want to play fearlessly.

Josh Spires' The Whale a Regional Winner of the 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition

Colin Beaton in a scene from "The Whale"

Josh Spires, from the University of Texas, is the Americas Region Winner for the 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition.
Spires' film, The Whale, follows a young boy who lives in an ephemeral fantasy to try and escape the cycle of paternal abuse.


 "Cinematography is all about storytelling. All the way, 100%. If telling a story is your one true goal as cinematographer, everything else will follow. The light and glass and stock one uses are only means to an end, which should be a story worth telling."

Johannes Praus' OPFER (Submerged) a Regional Winner of the 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition

Published on website: August 03, 2012
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Scene from OPFER (Submerged)

Johannes Praus, from the University of Film & Television "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam, is the Europe-Africa-Middle East Region Winner for the 2011 Kodak Film School Cinematography Competition.

Submerged / Opfer Synopsis

Thomas has a new house, a grilfriend and a baby. He’s hosting a party for some friends. But then his girlfriend’s daughter brings her new boyfriend home. And he seems to be just the kind of guy this gated community was designed to be protected from.

Clear Blue Finds Success on Festival Circuit

Published on website: June 25, 2012
Categories: VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 5219/7219 , Next Generation
Chris Sheffield as Simon in Clear Blue.(Photo by Katrina Marcinowski)

Clear Blue is an American Film Institute short film that tells the haunting story of Simon, who starts his first job at a community swimming pool. His morning shifts take an unexpected turn when he meets an old woman with a deep and dangerous secret. When Simon follows the old woman into the pool he makes a startling discovery. What follows is a tale of impossible love and its consequences.

The story was written and directed by Lindsay MacKay and photographed by Mattias Troelstrup. Other crucial members of the team were editor Rachael Katz and production designer Eun Kyung Nam. Clear Blue was produced by S. Brent Martin.



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