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Investing in the future - Romania’s Medialab project

Published on website: December 01, 2011
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Romania's Medialab project

More than 500 guests including representatives from production houses, advertising agencies, media and academic circles, critics and filmmakers packed into the CinemaPRO in Bucharest, capital of Romania, at the end of September to watch a screening of 17 short films, including the first Romanian 3-D short feature film, created by young Romanian filmmaking students. The filmmakers had created their films under the auspices of the Medialab project.

This project first began in 2009 and is co-funded by the European Social Fund Operational Program for Human Resources Development. It is designed to provide a transition from a learning environment to the world of work. The Medialab project was coordinated by young director Catalin Saizescu. Catalin was responsible for transforming what had hitherto been a largely academic and theoretical project into a much more practical one by bringing students and filmmaking professionals together in a collaborative environment.

Romania's Medialab project

One of these filmmaking professionals was DP Tudor Mircea, RSC. Tudor was instrumental in encouraging the student filmmakers via workshops, hands-on suggestions and seminars in developing and filming their scripts. He said, “This project was a wonderful opportunity for the students to find out exactly what is involved in the filmmaking process. We all worked together as a team and the results have been incredible. The students really learnt a lot very quickly and I’m sure this experience will stand them in good stead when they finish their studies and enter the world of work.”

Despite the high level of financial commitment given by the EU Social Fund, the project also relies heavily on the support of major companies in the film industry such as Kodak.

Kodak Cinelabs Romania (KCR) provided more than 20,000 metres of film stock and processing and telecine dailies as well a color correction in post-production. KCR’s Lab Manager, Cornelia Popa said, “For KCR this is a big investment in both time and money but we want the students to learn all about film stocks, workflow and the process of filmmaking from shooting to the final touches. We want to reassure them that we are available to guide them and make them comfortable with film and the lab services. We believe that when these budding filmmakers become decision makers they will have an affinity in favour of Kodak and film.”

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