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Alpha Lab's Mobile Film Processing Laboratory

Published on website: June 12, 2015
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Built in England’s Shepperton Studios, Alpha Grip has designed the first of a series of mobile film processing laboratories. Alpha Lab's 44-foot trailer showcases how mobility in film processing is providing flexibility to filmmakers who choose film. This high-tech facility allows filmmakers to process film on location eliminating the need for daily couriers. It is capable of processing 20,000 ft of film during each 8-hour shift. Alpha Lab works in conjunction with digital dailies companies so the director will know if they got their shot before they leave the location. All chemical waste is collected and disposed of offsite.

Take a look inside the trailer:

Sci-Tech Awards Honors Labs

Published on website: February 18, 2014
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Oscar-nominated writer-director Christopher Nolan accepted the Merit Award on behalf of "all those who built and operated film laboratories, for over a century of service to the motion picture industry" at the Sci-Tech Awards, which handed out February 15. The award was given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to all those who have built and operated film laboratories, for over a century of service to the motion picture industry.

Kodak congratulates all of the motion picture film laboratories around the world! This recognition highlights the incredible contributions that the labs have made and continue to make to the art of story telling. We are proud to collaborate with this vital part of the industry.

Over 100 Labs Serve the Film Industry

Published on website: October 03, 2013
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Several weeks ago I embarked on my new role as Film Laboratory & Studio Relationship Manager. No doubt, we have all observed some significant changes in image capture and distribution formats, particularly in the last couple of years. And we have seen these changes impact the supporting film infrastructure, such as laboratories.

But our recent assessment of labs has revealed that there is an impressive 111 motion picture labs globally that commercially offer processing for 35mm color negative film. We counted over 100 labs still offering 16mm negative development, and exactly 100 of these labs also offer 35mm color print development.

INSIGHT: Paul Korver

Published on website: August 14, 2013
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When Paul Korver founded Cinelicious in 2008, he had only one thing in mind — to move the state of film post production forward.

Korver’s Cinelicious is a post production studio, with locations in Hollywood and Santa Monica, offering a full slate of film and digital services. The company believes in respecting the craft and tradition of celluloid film, while leveraging all the benefits of the digital present. Cinelicious has been involved with high-level, film-based projects for directors such as Steven Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, J.J. Abrams, and Andrew Stanton, as well as studios including Paramount, Disney, Pixar, and Warner Bros.

Spotlight on Labs: Vision Globale, Film Lab, Cinelabs, Kantana & Christian Richter

Published on website: August 14, 2013
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Every day, in cities around the world, talented experts at an array of outstanding laboratories help storytellers bring their images to life. Here’s an update on what’s happening in the world of labs:

Vision Globale Vision Globale, based in Montreal, Canada, offers 16mm and 35mm color negative processing for dailies. The lab, a member of the KODAK IMAGECARE Program, also strikes positive prints and optical sound tracks. Paul Dion, Vision Globale’s director of operations, says the facility has seen a diversity of productions across Canada, from large studio features to independent films and local short films, as well as film school projects. “Our consistent commitment to the highest-quality services has always rewarded us with repeat business from enthusiastic filmmakers who count on us to bring their wildest projects to life. In this sense, maintaining a strong infrastructure has enabled us to promote film as a superior medium.” With the recent acquisition of Mel’s Studios, Vision Globale now offers a full range of studio, camera and lighting rentals; photochemical and digital production and postproduction; visual effects; 3D animation; digital image restoration; 2D conversion to 3D stereoscopic images; and production and distribution assets management.