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Kodak Cinelabs Mumbai processes Asian Cup footage

Published on website: December 01, 2011
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Asian Cup/Anand Mondhe
DP Anand Mondhe

An often-used cliché when reporting football matches is that it was “a game of two halves.” Applying this metaphor to the televising of the event, the two halves could be said to be the actual filming and then the processing of that footage. Earlier this year, DP Anand Mondhe shot a series of football matches for Brands TV using KODAK 16mm film stocks. The results were processed at Kodak Cinelabs Mumbai.

The event was the Asian Cup 2011 which took place in Doha, Qatar which Brands TV decided to cover as a documentary. The purpose of the documentary was to promote Qatar as a sports nation in advance of it hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. Film was preferred as the recording medium because of its acknowledged unrivalled archival qualities. Moreover, the Amir of Doha does not like the quality of video images and much prefers film quality images.

Having taken the decision to shoot on film, Anand Mondhe then did his homework to choose the right film stock and equipment to deliver the best results. He shot using a 16mm ARRIFLEX camera and HR zoom lenses with a set-up of Zeiss block lenses. 16mm was chosen as this format magazine allows 11 minutes of shooting which is generally sufficient footage. Five SR3s were rolling continuously to catch every moment of action. Around 12 to 15 cans were rolling out per camera per match. None of the shots was pre-arranged.

Truly amazed

“I decided to shoot the entire project on KODAK VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 7219 film stock,” said Anand. “All the football matches were played in the evening and I had to use available stadium floodlights meaning that only the ground portions were lit whilst the crowds were dimly lit. I was very nervous that the crowd shots would come out grainy but the film stock gives noticeably less grains in shadow areas and gives amazing shadow details. I was truly amazed when I saw the processed negatives.”

The film was processed at Kodak Cinelabs Mumbai, an IMAGECARE Program accredited laboratory. The lab has been accredited for over 5 years and has consistently demonstrated the quality practices and results supported by the Program. Using an accredited lab assured confidence that the lab was committed to high quality standards.

Service and response

Solomon Silveira, General Manager of Kodak Cinelabs Mumbai said that “the client was very satisfied with the processing quality of our lab. But it wasn’t just the processing quality; they also liked our service, response and involvement in the project. The DP could visit and interact with the lab before the shoot for inputs and suggestions and also gain valuable feedback post-processing. We are very pleased to have helped Brands TV achieve a successful outcome.”

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