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ABC & TaunusFilm joins up

Published on website: December 01, 2011
Categories: Lab and Post Production , Imagecare Program
ABC & TaunusFilm joins up
The ABC & TaunusFilm team, from left to right: Wolfgang Dombo (Lab Manager), Thomas Lang (Managing Director), Siegfried Fensch (chemist) and Dirk Emsbach (chemist).

ABC & TaunusFilm Kopierwerk GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany has become the 51st member in the world wide KODAK Imagecare Program. Kodak began this quality program for film laboratories in 1996. It now covers 31 countries.

"Film has been our core business for over sixty years - and that will remain so in the future. The KODAK IMAGECARE Program with the certification for our color negative documents our requirement for quality and our commitment to our customers," comments Thomas Lang, Managing Director at ABC & TaunusFilm.

ABC & TaunusFilm Kopierwerk GmbH has experienced and dedicated employees who provide support to the productions of numerous television stations, film production companies, archives, and film schools. As part of daily production-related services ABC & TaunusFilm offers high quality negative processing and work copies in Super 16 and 35 mm formats – both in color and in black & white. On telecine transfers and recording there are close cooperations with several partners.

"The KODAK Imagecare Program is exactly tailor-made for our customers too to improve their quality", said Dieter Krinke, Technical Manager at KODAK Entertainment Imaging German, Austrian, Swiss, and Nordic Cluster. “This quality program,” he continued “offers the film industry a consistency and a set of quality standards that everybody in the film business benefits from."