Over 100 Labs Serve the Film Industry

Published on website: October 03, 2013
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Christian Richter
EI Business Manager
WW Film Laboratory &
Studio Relationship Manager

Several weeks ago I embarked on my new role as Film Laboratory & Studio Relationship Manager. No doubt, we have all observed some significant changes in image capture and distribution formats, particularly in the last couple of years. And we have seen these changes impact the supporting film infrastructure, such as laboratories.

But our recent assessment of labs has revealed that there is an impressive 111 motion picture labs globally that commercially offer processing for 35mm color negative film. We counted over 100 labs still offering 16mm negative development, and exactly 100 of these labs also offer 35mm color print development.

For you visual artists out there, this is what it looks like: Google Map!

We have also seen some great developments in production hubs such as Australia and the UK, which will have new labs – Neglab in Sydney and Cinelab in London – run by very experienced teams who can offer high-quality laboratory services. This is great news for film, and is a good example of how change can take positive turns.

Also, from my initial meetings with studios, I heard first-hand that they still see film as an important medium to tell their stories. It was encouraging to be reassured that a film shoot is not more expensive than digital, and to also feel the passion that the studio executives still have for film. They prefer to rely on the creative teams to choose the capture format for best telling a story, which is the way it should be.

Going forward, we want to support the studios and filmmakers in finding the right lab at the best possible location to deal with their requirements. At the same time, Kodak wants to help the labs promote their high-quality services. Personally, I look forward to meeting more customers and working together to navigate the evolving media creation and distribution landscape.

Our updated Lab Locator – available to download as an app or view online – can help you find a facility near you. And check out what representatives from labs around the world have to say about their business: Spotlight on Labs Part 1 and Part 2.