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Student Film The Red House Gets Hollywood Treatment

Published on website: August 14, 2014
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Donald M. Morgan, ASC on the set of The Red House (photo © 2014 Peter Switzer)

Written and directed by Jiaqi Lin, a Chinese film student at the New York Film Academy, the short film The Red House is the story of a 25-year-old prostitute, Fangfang, and her struggle to save enough of her earnings to buy back her freedom. Set in 1915 rural China, the sudden arrival of a 6-year-old child, Amei, being sold to The Red House by her desperate parents soon changes things. The brothel’s madam puts Fangfang in charge of Amei’s training, including the painful ritual of binding her feet to keep them small. Fangfang, who became a prostitute in very much the same way, soon realizes she cannot let it continue, and decides to use her savings to buy Amei’s contract and her freedom … something she now will never have.

Shot by Emmy®-winning cinematographer Donald M. Morgan, ASC, The Red House utilized Kodak film to capture the drama and angst of the story.

Here’s a look behind the scenes:


Donald M. Morgan, ASC behind the camera (photo © 2014 Peter Switzer)



The Red House
The cast and crew on set (photo © 2014 Peter Switzer)



The Red House
Donald M. Morgan, ASC with a light meter (photo © 2014 Peter Switzer)



The Red House
Setting up a scene (photo © 2014 Peter Switzer)