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Hurt's Rescue makes debut at MIFF

Published on website: August 06, 2014
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writer/director Grant Scicluna
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Hurt's Rescue is the latest short film by writer/director Grant Scicluna and producer Jannine Barnes. Based on Todd Grimson's story of the same name, Hurt's Rescue is a short film that explores the moral maze of masochism and negotiation. It is a UK-Australian co-production funded by the prestigious Iris Prize in Wales. The Iris Prize, supported by the Michael Bishop Foundation, is the world's largest gay and lesbian prize and offers the winning filmmaker £25,000 in cash to make their next film. Scicluna's film The Wilding won the prize in 2012 and he was thrilled to have the opportunity to make his next film in Cardiff taking DOP Laszlo Baranyai, ACS HCS along with him.

The decision to shoot on film was an easy one. "Shooting in black and white, film was the natural choice for Hurt's Rescue. I was after the maximum depth of detail and levels of tonality that only film can give" states Scicluna. Adds Laszlo "To achieve a rich, atmospheric and natural B&W look, film was the only logical choice".

The film was shot in a farmhouse on the outskirts of Cardiff using Kodak VISION3 500T 7219 16mm stock on an Arri 416.

Hurt's Rescue will premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival 2014 in August as part of the Australian Shorts program.


Hurt's Rescue Trailer from HappeningFilms on Vimeo.

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