KODAK 500T Color Negative Film 5230/7230

A Big Picture Look for Snow White and the Huntsman

Charlize Theron as the Queen in the epic action-adventure SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, the breathtaking new vision of the legendary tale from the producer of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. (Photo Credit: Universal Pictures / Copyright: © 2012 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.)

Indoor has something everyone can agree on

Published on website: December 01, 2011
Categories: 35mm , Next Generation , KODAK 500T Color Negative Film 5230/7230
A scene from Indoor

UK-based directing duo Si and Ad are just completing their longest short film to date. With a working title of Indoor, the film was shot on Kodak’s new high-quality, low-price film stock.

Directors Si and Ad have been working together for just over a decade. They started out as designers for record label, Virgin but quickly moved into the music video arena. Signed to Academy Films, they have produced a number of commercials, music videos and short films. Their previous short film, Post-It Love, was aimed squarely at the commercials market but also with an eye on long-form filmmaking. It garnered lots of attention and acclaim on the festival circuit bringing them more commercials work and the opportunity to make a longer short film.