Appalachian Drama Little Accidents Captured on Kodak Film

Published on website: November 08, 2013
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In a small American coal town, the disappearance of a boy draws a young miner, the lonely wife of a mine executive and a local 14-year-old together in a web of secrets.


Little Accidents is written and directed by Sara Colangelo, produced by Anne Carey, Jason Berman, Tom Fore, and Summer Shelton and is photographed by cinematographer Rachel Morrison.

It was shot on location in and around West Virginia.

(l-r) Sara Colangelo, Rachel Morrison, Dave Reagan, Steve McBride, Megan McNally, & Alicia Fischmeister

Morrison and Colangelo decided early on that film was the best choice for telling the story of a coal community steeped in the history of appalachia. “We wanted enough latitude to capture detail in both the deep coal blacks and the sun kissed rust and steel.  Furthermore, mining is one of very few industries that always has been and is still almost entirely analog. You can see the years of hard work in every miner's face and hands.  We felt that the texture of the grain and everything organic about film would mirror the grit and elbow grease of the analog tradition."


With a limited budget, the filmmakers opted to shoot 2-perf in 35mm format.  We contemplated Super 16, but with landscapes so vast we really wanted to maximize the resolution and scope by shooting 35mm.  2-Perf enabled us to keep film and processing costs to a minimum, without having to compromise on our shooting ratio.


Morrison chose KODAK VISION3 500T 5219 and VISION3 250D 5207 color negative film stock.  “I still find that film has the most natural color rendition and a subtlety closest to real life.  But my favorite part about shooting film is that it still allows for an element of surprise.  Nothing is better than watching your dailies and discovering a magical lens flare you didn't see through the viewfinder or even just simply that a scene rendered even better than you remembered.”