Not all scanners are created equal.
    Original scan     Defect matte is created     Corrected image

Image scanned by ARRISCAN using KODAK DIGITAL ICE Technology

New KODAK DIGITAL ICE Technology for Motion Picture Film lets you dust bust while you scan—improving overall efficiency and predictability within the postproduction workflow.

KODAK DIGITAL ICE Technology works from within the scanner to detect and reduce dust and surface scratches without softening, blurring, or altering the image. A tri-level defect matte is generated, depicting pixels that have been altered and defects that require additional attention. So, if a defect is found that is greater than what can be corrected by the system, DIGITAL ICE Technology will identify it so the post house can easily locate and address the issue.

How it Works:
  • User selects degree of correction desired
  • Infrared channel detects density differences and defects on the film
  • A tri-level defect matte indicates the location and severity of the defects
  • Advanced pixel operation, utilizing Kodak algorithms, substantially reduces defects