FPC - FSC USA / Canada


FPC/Film Salvage is the leading provider of environmentally sound dismantlement and recycling services for Kodak products reaching the end of their life cycle.

We are a trusted supplier of these services to the Motion Picture Industry, providing secure destruction and recycling of their valuable print assets.

We have a staff of well-trained, motivated, customer focused personnel recognized by the industry as among the best in class.

Brief Background:

Since the early 1950's, Film Salvage has provided anti-piracy support to the motion picture film industry through the secured destruction and environmentally safe disposal of used motion picture film. Several million pounds of film are destroyed and recycled annually.

FSC has locations in Mountain City, Tennessee, and Milan, Italy. FSC takes pride in the fact that it disposes of film elements that have reached the end of their life cycle in an environmentally responsible manner. In March 2000, FSC was recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for its recycling program.

For general recycling information, please contact:

Debbi M. Villareal-Mitra
Director, Worldwide Prints Services
Tel (323) 468 1550
Email: divina.villareal-mitra@kodak.com