FPC Italy 


Brief Background:

In 1996, the FPC European branch was established in Milan, Italy to provide destruction and disposal service to the major studios for their prints in the European region that have reached the end of their useful life application.

During its first year of operation, FPC Italia handled less than a million pounds, and this volume has steadily and significantly grown over the last ten years. Today, FPC Italia has destroyed and disposed of significant volumes of movie prints in an environmentally secure and friendly way. Over the years, not only has FPC Italia successfully expanded its operations, but it also has established a reputation of trustworthiness and reliability, maintaining a high standard of customer service satisfaction.

The branch operates in compliance with all the Local and European laws and regulations and in accordance with the recommendations of the MPAA. All print receipts are safely stored in the warehouse in Cinisello, which is equipped with “state of the art” access controls system and CCTV, until they are processed for destruction.

Once the prints are delivered to our facility, an official “Certification of Arrival” is issued to customers to acknowledge receipt. Within sixty days, these prints are destroyed and a “Certification of Destruction” is issued.

This European branch currently services the recycling needs of all the major studios’ operations not only in Western Europe, but also in the Eastern Countries that recently joined the European Community.

We are also working on expanding our anti-piracy and disposal services to more customers in the motion picture industry, and providing product recycling management and product/equipment end of life program to businesses outside of the motion picture industry.


FPC. Inc Filiale Italiana – A Kodak Company
Viale Matteotti, 62
Cinisello Balsamo (Milano)
Italy 20062
Tel 39 02 66028 305    
Fax 39 02 66028 272

For general information & inquiry, contact:
Mario G. Ubezio - Vice President & General Manager
Email: mario.ubezio@kodak.com