Kodak: Obviously being on a Kodak project, you’re shooting film today, but how much of your work would you say is still shot on film?

Chris: Actually, 99% of my work has been shot on film, so I’m a little biased.

Kodak: With the budgets for commercials and music videos getting tighter and tighter, you still choose to shoot film?

Chris: Every producer looks at the bottom line when you do a production. Initially when you shoot film on a music video, there’s more cost. It’s negligible to me. I think when you get into the digital format, you can get a little pennywise and pound foolish. You know, you might save 10 grand because you shot digitally, but once you get to post you have to go into a whole other set of techniques in order to get the digital format where you want it to be. At the end of the day the costs balance themselves out.

Kodak: So is digital ever a consideration for you?

Chris: Sometimes digital is something I consider. It depends on the project. If we want something to have that digital feel, then we’ll work with that. But you know, when people start saying, let’s make this digital format look like film, I say, let’s shoot film.

Kodak: You’ve had some experience with a three-perf process too, right?

Chris: Yes. We shot three-perf on a project in Brazil. You save film at the end of the day. You get to shoot more stuff. It’s a really smart way to go.

Kodak: How does film play into your thought process when planning a project?

Chris: You can do so much with film. There’s so much latitude in film that it almost feels like it’s limitless. So it’s almost like I don’t really think about how film will play a part. It’s automatic. It’s a natural piece of equipment for me that I use in everything that I shoot.

Kodak: Tell us a little about why you chose to be part of the So Kodak campaign?

Chris: I was onboard as soon as I heard “Kodak.” Then I was sent the boards and immediately I was blown away. The whole idea is to get Kodak into what’s happening right now with photography, how it’s used and shared. The brand is such a part of the culture already, so to see this campaign recognize what’s going on and then create a series of spots around that, I think is genius.

Kodak: Any final thoughts you’d like to share?

Chris: Shoot film. Why wouldn’t you? It’s the top of the food chain, you know. I’ve never regretted shooting film. I’ve regretted shooting some other formats but I’ve never, ever regretted film.

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Director Chris Robinson Tells Us Why Film Is “So Kodak.”

Chris Robinson, the founder of Robot Films, has a robust resume of innovative commercial work with top brands, as well as a stable of visionary music videos. We caught up with Chris on location, while filming a handful of Kodak commercials featuring Rihanna, Trey Songz, Pitbull, and Drake - four of the biggest names in hip-hop music, and the new faces of the So Kodak campaign.


So Kodak Commercials

All shot on KODAK 35mm Motion Picture Film