Kodak Emerges from Chapter 11; The Future Includes Film

Published on website: September 03, 2013
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Andrew Evenski, President
Kodak Entertainment and
Commercial Films

This week, Kodak announced its emergence from Chapter 11 restructuring. The new company has emerged a more focused enterprise, one that is strongly positioned to serve your needs well into the future.

I want to first and foremost extend my sincerest gratitude to our loyal customers and partners in the motion picture industry for standing by Kodak throughout this process. We could not have achieved such a successful outcome without your ongoing support and faith in the Kodak brand.

Our motion picture film business will continue to be part of the company’s future. We are manufacturing film, we’ve inked contracts with six studios, labs around the world are dedicated to quality service, and, most importantly, filmmakers are choosing film.

Just look at what’s on the horizon: Transcendence, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Noah, Interstellar, Inherent Vice, and many, many more! These new productions are all using silver halide technology to bring their stories to the screen.

At its heart, Kodak is a materials science company with decades of experience and expertise to make the world’s finest film products. This core capability is the foundation of the emerging company, and this is what enables Kodak’s current focus in packaging, commercial printing and functional printing.

Our motion picture film business represents a stable and profitable division of the company. Moving forward, I am confident in our ongoing ability to provide value to the motion picture and television industry, which has been our honor to serve for so many years.

Thank you again for choosing Kodak film. We are proud to be a part of the unforgettable images you create.

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