Spotlight on Labs: IMAGICA WEST Corp.

Published on website: June 25, 2013
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Hiromi Inatsuchi, president of IMAGICA WEST, a subsidiary of IMAGICA Corp.

We know filmmakers today have many creative choices. We also want to let you know that we are working closely with the labs to maintain quality processing and printing for our loyal customers who continue to choose film.

Today we kick off a blog series that will highlight the many positive changes that are occurring on the lab scene today.

IMAGICA WEST Corp. - Osaka, Japan

Recently they purchased a new ECP PHOTOMEC processor to continue to provide the industry with stellar images. The lab strives to not only have the best equipment but also to employ talented professionals.

“Our employees are quite diverse,” says Hiromi Inatsuchi, president of IMAGICA WEST, a subsidiary of IMAGICA Corp. “Our workforce is young, with the majority still in their 30s, but we also have a number of highly-skilled employees in their 60s on the front line, which may be rare in today’s film laboratories. The younger ones are eager to learn something new, as well as something old (past techniques, history, etc.) from such senior employees. … Film will exist for a long time from now. … And we want to be the place where experts gather."

“Film is the most superior medium, especially in handling mixed colors,” adds Inatsuchi. “Experts are very aware of the advantages, thus as long as budgets allow, film will be in demand for a long time.” (

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