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Published on website: May 13, 2013
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Andrew Evenski, President,
Kodak Entertainment and Commercial Films

As technology continues its ongoing trajectory, and the industry discovers new ways to create and distribute entertainment content, the infrastructure supporting the imaging chain is evolving. Film technology still sets the standard, but the landscape has changed, and we are adapting.

Our efforts to streamline operations, pursue vertical markets for our technology, and maintain quality resources have been highly successful. Kodak recently filed its plan of reorganization with the US Bankruptcy Court, and I can assure you that Entertainment Imaging (the motion picture film business unit of Kodak) is part of the company’s current business emergence plan.

Laboratories are another pivotal part of the evolving landscape. They are also in the midst of their own assimilations – streamlining operations, managing the changes in acquisition and deliverables, and preparing to focus on archival elements. As smaller labs move to the forefront while others consolidate, Kodak’s team of experts are on the scene providing support. Solving challenges and creating high-quality workflows for film projects are what labs do best. And Kodak experts are working closely with these facilities to answer questions about products, educate them on new offerings, and address any concerns about supply that they or their customers may have. The relationships are mutually beneficial – as we all learn from each other’s successes.

Kodak has always supported our lab partners around the globe. And now, probably more than ever, we all are working together to maintain film as a creative choice for filmmakers.

Additionally, we have just appointed Kodak’s European Business Manager, Christian Richter, as our new Film Laboratory/Studio Relationship Manager. Christian will fill this important role, managing the strategies to optimize the workflow between studios, film users and the processing labs. He will ensure that filmmakers, studios, labs and post facilities around the globe are connected, and assist with establishing relationships for ongoing, successful processing and printing services.

There are many positive changes occurring on the lab scene. We recently spoke to several and here’s what they told us:

  • FotoKem is celebrating 50 years of serving the industry, and reports that in recent months, they have seen a boost in popularity in both 65mm and 35mm 2-perf coming through their Burbank-based lab.
  • IMAGICA WEST Corp., located in Osaka, Japan, recently purchased a new ECP processor from Photomec.
  • Technicolor–PostWorks in New York City tells us they are seeing a reversal of recent trends, with more directors and cinematographers choosing to capture on film.
  • London-based i dailies is installing a second Photomec processer, which will run at 100-feet per minute, doubling their capacity to 90,000-feet per eight-hour overnight shift.

For further assistance in finding a lab near you, use our updated online Lab Directory, or download our free Lab Locator app.

We are also pleased to report a new agreement with Sony Pictures, solidifying the industry’s reliance on Kodak to deliver quality products. Along with the four contracts that we re-negotiated with the studios last year, we now have successfully entered into new agreements with all five studios that had contracts with Kodak prior to filing Chapter 11.

Lastly, I’d like to reinforce our commitment to the industry – our commitment to film, to the laboratories and studios, and especially to the filmmakers who want a creative choice for telling their stories. We realize the traditional framework for the imaging chain has evolved, but maintaining quality and providing high-level support remain our number one priority as we grow and develop in a new era of content creation.

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