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Published on website: March 14, 2012
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We last talked in June before the wedding season really picked up in the northern hemisphere. What have you been up to?

Naz Films

It has been a period of change & renewal.  For the last year and a bit I have been working towards branching out on my own.  I initiated the long process of closing the old company so that I could chase my own dreams and visions.  So far, this goes down (without trying to be dramatic) as one of the most pivotal moves of my career - and as I speak with you today, I definitely feel that I made the right decision.

Tell me a little bit about your new company Naz Films Inc.

I founded Naz Films as a natural extension of how I identify myself as an artist and filmmaker.  I love to tell stories, always have. No matter what the medium of choice, it all serves my understanding of how I want to express a given subject.  I hope everything I do is a reflection of how I see hope and beauty in the everyday.  I make wedding films and lifestyle films... Honeymoon films, Birth films, Babies First Year films, Boudoir films, Engagement Films, Vacation+Cottage+BBQ Films.  They are all stunning keepsakes -- little life histories of family and good moments that we all have experienced in our own lives!!!!

Here is a recent Wedding Film by Naz Films:

Here is a Honeymoon Film by Naz Films:

Here is a Birth Film by Naz Films:

Will you focus only on weddings, or are you looking at expanding?

I do believe Naz Film's expansion into other markets will unfold naturally.  Recently I was contacted by a large commercial house, Industry Films, to discuss representation as a commercial film director.  It would be a dream come true if my work leads me to a place where I get to create stories that connect to an even larger audience!  Yeah, that’s pretty much my dream. However, I tend to be weighed down by a pragmatic point of view, which I blame on the fact that I am an immigrant and the son of a highly logical father who engineered bridges all his life.  So, in the meantime my aspirations remain  fierce and high -- and the proverbial dangling carrot from a stick motivates me to be honest with my work and truthful to the style I’ve developed and am known for, from weddings to lifestyle to the commercial market.

Here is a Fashion Film for designer Ines DiSantos by Naz Films:

Here is a darker Fashion Film that broadcast internationally on Fashion Television by Naz Films & Renatta:

You only shoot film, is that correct?

I do only shoot film, super 8mm and 16mm film stock for all of my wedding & lifestyle projects.  That said, it’s a decision I make on a project-by- project basis.  Medium choices must serve a style, story, subject and never the other way around. I also am starting to showcase and feature my travel and street photography - the majority is shot on 35mm & 120 film – as well as my instagrams, which you can see soon on my website blog.

With the latest trends, can you describe what motivates you to continue to shoot Super 16mm and Super 8mm film?

The choice for film has always been an obvious one for me…it’s an emotional, heartfelt medium that in the right hands can be a moving and an artistic interpretation of one’s hopes, passion for life and love! I do think my films are best suited for people who are madly in love!  If I was to ask you to think back to a fond childhood memory or even of something most recent and sweet…the very way that memory flickers warmly back in your mind’s eye is as close to how super 8mm film allows me to tell your story!  There is nothing quite like it.

Naz Films

How do Kodak motion picture films help you create your stories?

Aside from each rated stock's unique characteristics, Kodak's films today more than ever allow for control.  That’s huge if you assume that every creative endeavor is precise craft – and you want less of a surprise, like say a Holga with all its lovely light leaks.  For a good while now, Super 8mm is a specific tool and medium of choice for filmmakers and artists serving their clients’ needs!

If you could tell someone who has never tried shooting film before one thing, what would it be?

It will open your mind and introduce you to a NEW voice for expressing yourself!  I am developing a workshop for this, so stay tuned; email me to pre-register for details.

Where should we expect to see you next? What projects are you working on?

Although my operations are based out of Toronto, I travel a lot for my clients!  This year alone, I am shooting weddings in Italy, France, London, New York City, San Francisco, San Diego, British Columbia, and Los Angeles.  Later in the year I will be directing a fashion short film project in Havana, Cuba.  I am also excited to mention that I purchased a gorgeous live/work studio in Toronto's Leslieville area - closing the deal April 1st!

And finally, how can people contact you?

Nazar Melconian
Founder & Filmmaker

1.877.629.6840 usa/Canada
+1.416.319.7240 direct/worldwide

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