Poetry in Motion

Published on website: August 16, 2012
Categories: Alyson Shurtliff , Independent Films , The StoryBoard Blog
Rae Shaw (Photo by: Robin Diahkate)

Don't you just love Twitter? It allows us to interact with people around the world that share our passion.

If you follow us on @Kodak_ShootFilm, you may have noticed some of the poetry Rae Shaw (aka @soapandroses) has been tweeting. She is very adept at combining her affection for film and poetry.

Rae describes herself as a filmmaker, educator, poet and writer who reveres the joys of working in film. Her company, Wicked Lovely Films, is an independent production and distribution company based in Los Angeles, that is committed to producing and teaching the craft of filmmaking to youth using poetry, collage, and creative writing as vehicles for envisioning.

Here's a small sampling of her poetry:















When she is not writing poetry, Rae is busy working on her new film Repass. She states Repass will be shot on Kodak 35mm film to convey the darkest depths and the gritty realities of a young girl who loses her brother during Hurricane Katrina. While DV and HD were considered as options, neither format will be able to capture the gradations of darkness for the moonlight night scenes (particularly on dark skin) as well as the fast fall from dark shadows to brighter highlights like film. The contrast between darkness and light will be a significant storytelling element in the film."

Can't wait to see her Tweets about this project!

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