Little Birds Opens in NY

Published on website: August 29, 2012
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Little Birds - Photo credit Justin Colt

Reed Morano lent her eye to the critically acclaimed feature film Little Birds, which opened this week in New York City at the Angelika Film Center.

Little Birds is the story of a teenage girl who yearns to escape her staid, stagnant life in the remote and barren Salton Sea region of Southern California. She convinces her friend to venture into the exciting world beckoning from Los Angeles. Along the way they learn some hard lessons and test their friendship.

The movie was shot on 2-Perf 35mm using KODAK VISION2 and VISION3 stocks. While both digital and Super 16mm were options, Morano chose 2-Perf.

“The cost of 2-perf is not that much more than Super 16,” she says. “I knew that with film I could move quickly, light with fewer units and do less tweaking. Film has real blacks and you don’t have to worry about noise. On digital, exteriors tend to look flat and digital lacks the texture of film.”

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For more on Reed Morano and why shooting film is important to her, be sure to read her ONFILM Interview.

Official Little Birds website

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