Shudra–The Rising

Published on website: October 08, 2012
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Pratik Deora

Emerging filmmaker Pratik Deora, who we first got to know in 2009 when his student film, Make Me Think, was India's winner in the Kodak Film School Competition, has just completed his first feature film. Shudra–The Rising, revolves around the atrocities and hardships of the untouchable people of India called Shudra. The film features Kirran Sharad, Pravin Baby, Shridhar Dubey and Mahesh Balraj among others.

Deora says it was a dream come true to work with writer, producer and director Sanjiv Jaiswal and considers himself lucky to be a part of such a production team. The filmmakers shared a dynamic vision for the historical film and used a lot of camera movements and interesting lighting techniques to convey emotion. However, Deora was careful to not overdo these techniques as he feels that perfection is in small things done in simple ways.

Shudra-the Rising
Shudra-the Rising

Deora shot Super 16 to achieve the tone and mood of historic India, while shooting 200T and 500T to capture all the day and night sequences. The images captured have a kind of eerily dynamic feeling, which can only beachieved on film.

The film opens in India on October 19, 2012. Pratik’s cinematography skills are receiving high praise.


Shudra-the Rising is the story of millions of people conquered in war and condemned to slavery and an inhuman existence for ages. These peace loving people of ancient times were seized by a more aggressive and materialistic group of men and societies.

Technical Specifications

  • Film Stocks: Kodak VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 7213 and Kodak VISION3 500T Color Negative Film 7219
  • Negative processed at Kodak CineLabs Mumbai
  • Scanning and Digital Intermediate at Prasad Labs, Mumbai
  • Lusture Colorist – Prashant Dhotre


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