KODAK Introduces New Super 8 Motion Picture Film; Advancements in Film Technology Foster a Renaissance for the Small Gauge

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, April 6, 2010 - KODAK has introduced a new Color Reversal Film available in the Super 8 mm format today. KODAK Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film is a daylight-balanced 100-speed film, incorporating bright saturated colors and fine grain with excellent sharpness.

S8_100D.jpg"Super 8 mm film is a versatile, affordable option for filmmakers who require the image quality and flexibility of film," says Chris Johnson, product manager, Entertainment Imaging Division, Eastman Kodak Company. "Quantum leaps in film emulsion technology have made Super 8 - once considered a hobbyist's format - a viable option for professional filmmakers and students."

Many of today's great cinematographers and directors began their careers at the counter of their local photo shop, buying a cartridge of Super 8 film, according to Johnson. But KODAK Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film offers filmmakers image quality far beyond that of the familiar home movie format of the 1960s, he says.

"Kodak's commitment to R&D continues to raise the bar for image quality," says Johnson. "One benefit is that Super 8 is now a terrific option for students who want to hone their skills, as well as for professional filmmakers who want to craft a distinctive look for their project."

According to Johnson, the Super 8 film format is supported by a network of dedicated laboratories that process and digitize the output. One of the leading labs in the United States supporting the Super 8 format is Pro8MM, located in Burbank, California.

"Our customers have been clamoring for Kodak to offer the 100D product in the Super 8 format," states Phil Vigeant, president of Pro8MM and author of the book, The Power of Super 8. "The results our customers can produce with a Super 8 camera and a 50-foot cartridge of Super 8 film scanned to HD are amazing."

One of the leading facilities in Europe supporting the Super 8 format is Wittner-Cinetec. "The increased saturation of the 100D film makes colors just pop," says company President Daniel Wittner. "We are glad to see Kodak continuing to support this important format."

"We are excited and happy to demonstrate Kodak's continued commitment to film technology, and we look forward to further announcements this year," says Johnson.

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