Kodak to introduce new on-line information resource at Spikes Asia

Film is the medium for those who work ‘without compromise’

(Melbourne, September 7, 2009)  What will Kodak be doing at Spikes Asia 09, 1st Asian Advertising Festival?  The answer:  launching its newest website initiative, an integrated on-line resource showing why film is the first choice – the best choice - for those involved in creating commercials.

“Those who make commercials have just 30 seconds to stop the eye, set the mood, and make the sale,” says Johanna Gravelle, Director of Marketing for Kodak Entertainment Imaging in the Asia Pacific region.  “Our goal is to help them make every second count, to provide information and inspiration for their next great idea.  That’s why we’re a sponsor at Spikes Asia, which includes hosting the Kodak booth.   We’ll be answering questions, presenting our newest on-line resources, and showing our new DVD:  ‘Film.  No Compromise’.”

Kodak’s online offerings have been upgraded in recent months to incorporate many new features, including technical articles, customer work samples and perspectives from top industry professionals. Kodak is working hard to provide the information necessary to help all its filmmaker customers understand the many benefits of film and why it has an unmistakable look that digital capture cannot match.

As one of the supporting sponsors of Spikes Asia, Kodak is focusing its efforts on reaching out to the region’s leading agency and commercial production teams.  Because agencies have a growing influence on the choice of capture medium, Kodak will have a number of representatives at Spikes Asia meeting with delegates throughout the festival.

The three-day festival will feature the advertising industry’s most influential members coming together to discuss, debate, and applaud the best work from across the region. It will take place from September 16 through to 18 at Suntec City in Singapore.