KODAK Hosts Customers at Annual Kodak Filmmakers’ Reception at BERLIN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Berlin, Germany, 5 February 2009 – Kodak announced today that the company will again host the popular annual Kodak Filmmakers’ Reception at the International Berlin Film Festival.  More than a thousand filmmakers from across the globe are expected to attend the reception, which will be held on Tuesday, February 10 at the Baden-Wuerttemburg embassy in Berlin.

The international Berlin Film Festival, also called the ‘Berlinale’, is now in its 59th year.  It’s one of the three leading 'Class A Film Festivals' in Europe.  More than 19,000 film professionals -- including 4,000 accredited journalists -- from about 120 countries are expected to attend

“The Festival is always impressive, well attended and one of the most important industry events of the year,” said Klaus-Georg Hafner, Marketing/Communications manager for Kodak’s motion picture division in the German, Austrian, Swiss, and Nordic Cluster.  “In addition to the screenings and formal events, it’s a time for networking and informal discussions.  For Kodak, that makes it a great opportunity to host our customers, to thank them for their loyalty, and to gain new insights into product directions we need to take for the future.” 

At the Kodak reception, invited guests enjoy an afternoon of traditional Swabian cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with friends and colleagues, sharing their experiences and learning from each other.  For many filmmakers, it’s one of the highlights of the Berlinale. 

“We’re pleased to count so many friends among the talented filmmakers who attend the festival,” said Hafner.  “We look forward to seeing them and discussing the ways they’re using our products to tell unique stories that entertain audiences. 

“Our time at the festival is spent listening to them, learning from them, introducing them to our newest products, helping them to take full advantage of the benefits film offers.”

The Berlin Festival runs from Thursday, February 5 through Sunday, February15.   Up to 400 films of every genre, length and format are shown every year as part of the program; the vast majority of which are world or European premieres.

Throughout the ten days, on screens throughout the city, the festival presents films from around the world, attended by avid audiences and international movie stars in packed theatres.  In this city that many consider the unofficial ‘capital of German film,’ the days and nights are filled with panel discussions and parties, workshops and retrospectives – all in an atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and solutions, making connections and supporting creative interaction.

Kodak representatives will be in attendance throughout the festival, meeting with customers and providing advice and counsel on use of the company’s products.

“Despite today’s digital hype, film still has enormous potential to enable talented filmmakers to work without compromise, to bring their story to the big screen in a way that no other medium can match,” said Hafner.  “We’re happy to see so many of the movies shown are shown on Kodak film and our participation here is proof that we intend to keep Kodak a vital part of this industry for long into the future.”