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Brazilian Labs Receive KODAK IMAGECARE Program Certification

ROCHESTER, NY, November 13, 2007 — Cinecolor do Brasil and Megacolor in São Paulo, Brazil, have earned accreditation from the KODAK IMAGECARE Program for providing the highest-quality standards for negative processing. Kodak designed this Program to support film lab operations and personnel who execute procedures that ensure excellence in film processing.

(L-R) Angeles Lacroix, planner for Kodak�s Latin American region; David Trejo, general director of Cinecolor do Brasil and Megacolor; Luis Monteiro, manager for Kodak�s Entertainment Imaging division in Brazil; Silvio Porto, commercial manager at Cinecolor do Brasil.

Cinecolor do Brasil and Megacolor are the first facilities in the country to earn IMAGECARE Program accreditation. Membership now extends to 39 film labs in 24 countries since the program was initiated in 1996.

“Our goal is to assist laboratories around the world in optimizing their operations,” says Wendy Elms, worldwide manager of the KODAK IMAGECARE Program. “Filmmakers can confidently choose accredited labs knowing they are receiving reliable, consistent services as stipulated by the Program’s guidelines.” Cinecolor do Brasil was founded in 1985. The lab offers 35 mm and 16 mm processing, optical sound transfer and various related services. Megacolor was established in 2000. The facility offers 35 mm and 16 mm front-end lab services, optical special effects, blow-ups, and telecine. Both facilities feature innovative “clean room” procedures.

The two labs are owned by Chilefilms, which also operates facilities in Chile and Mexico that are at different stages in the process of applying for KODAK IMAGECARE Program accreditation, and Cinecolor Argentina, which was recently accredited in for camera negative processing. A fifth lab is currently under construction in Colombia.

“By following KODAK IMAGECARE Program guidelines, we’ve improved our documentation processes to complement our eminent operating standards using some of the most modern equipment available,” says David Trejo, general director of both facilities. “Negative processing is the most important step in the lab processing chain. The IMAGECARE Program provides the industry with superior standards of quality that have raised the bar on laboratory services around the world. Our customers reap the benefits.”

Laboratories in countries where the KODAK IMAGECARE Program is offered can become members through an assessment process. A Kodak technician assists and certifies lab personnel in standardizing and documenting procedures, monitoring and controlling processes, and in demonstrating an ability to follow quality control checklists. Labs are independently audited every 12 months, with frequent assessments by local Kodak representatives throughout the year. Kodak also provides training for lab personnel with the aim of achieving optimum and consistent performance.

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